New York Metropolitan Area’s 1st Accredited Compounding Pharmacy

PCAB Accredited

As the Metropolitan Area’s FIRST accredited compounding pharmacy, Belvidere specializes in custom prescription solutions for people and pets. In fact, it is the primary focus of our business. We have experts, equipment, and procedures in place to meet your compounding needs, every time.

  • Unique dosage forms

  • Medications free of problem-causing ingredients

  • Medications that are not commercially available

What We Do

Sometimes, a commercially manufactured medication isn’t the best answer for a patient. He or she may suffer from allergies or side effects, require a special dosage, have problems with compliance or even taking the medication at all—then what? That’s where we come in.

Our compounding professionals can change the dosage form or administration for a wide variety of medicines. We literally custom create medications for patients… and help improve compliance and their quality of life.

Our service is completely custom, too.

Practitioners call us all the time to discuss issues and concerns they have for their patients, and we provide the answers and solutions they’re looking for. If you’re faced with any sort of prescription dilemma, just call.

Easy ordering, payment and delivery, always.

Doing business with us is easy—we are available to assist you with each step.

Belvidere Labs is the Metropolitan Area’s first PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy.

When you work with Belvidere, you work with the best. Be sure to visit the PCAB section of our site to learn about this important distinction.

Sterile Ophthalmic Compounded Medication

At Belvidere Labs we can prepare your sterile ophthalmic compounded medications.  We prepare sterile ophthalmic compounded medication in our USP 797 compliant sterile facility.  Just contact the pharmacy to consult with one of our experts on your specific medication needs.  We make our preparations easy to use – clearly marked droptainers are dispensed in kits for…


Gastroenterology & Proctology

We understand that every situation is unique. Belvidere will work with you to find the best medication solution. Our experts can compound: Enemas – single or multiple ingredient Rectal creams and ointments Suppositories Capsules Suspensions Modified release capsules Lactose-free preparations Preservative-free formulations Commercially unavailable preparations Pediatric dosages All preparations can be customized to meet your…



Our innovative medications are economical and easy to use. Here’s just a sampling of what we can do… Making meds delicious with succulent flavorings. Animals devour our easy-to-give, flavored dosage forms, including tuna for cats, liver for dogs, banana and tutti frutti for exotics and many others. The ideal size and strength. Some commercial medications…